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KMG Engineers is a London team of Gas Safe engineers that works with individuals, property developers and property management to ensure the safety and proper working of gas appliances in residential and commercial buildings.


Customers’ Peace of Mind

Your peace of mind is foremost in our minds and from the moment you call our London office we will do our best to ensure that the experience you have will be one which builds confidence in us.When booking work with KMG your unique job reference number allows us to track and access all relevant information for your job at every stage on our system should you require it. 80% of our work is from returning customers and our reputation has been built on the trust customers have that we will undertake the work, however small or large, with complete professionalism and to the highest standards. Larger works will be supervised  by one of our highly knowledgeable and experienced managers who will regularly update you and answer any of your queries.Still a family run business we pride ourselves on that personal service which we believe is paramount to our success and which hopefully will make you a ‘KMG customer for life’


  • CRB – All our operatives are fully vetted by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).
  • Company Identification – All our operatives are issued with a photo identification card stating their name.
  • Qualifications – All our operatives are fully qualified and experienced in their respective trades.
  • Uniforms – All our operatives all wear clean cooperate uniforms.
  • Vehicle – All our operatives will arrive at your property in a recognisable blue and white livered company Vehicle.
  • Driving License – All our operatives have their driving records checked with DVLA and are fully insured.
  • Tax & NI – All our operatives have been tax and Insurance records in place.
  • Insurance – All operatives carry public liability insurance by law to meet with regulations.

Company Policies

  • Charges – Our charges are transparent, quoted when you book a job, clearly shown on the back of invoices and on the website.
  • Invoice – A VAT invoice will be produced for each job.
  • Guarantee – Workmanship is covered by a 12 month guarantee.
  • Ongoing Customer Service – We are here to assist you and help wherever we can.


  • Customer Details – Under no circumstances will any customer’s details be shared, sold or in way passed on to any third party.
  • Security – Any keys left with our operatives to gain access to properly will be kept secure.
  • Data Protection – Customer information & other records are dealt with strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our peace of mind promise, or require any other information, please contact our office and we will be happy to talk to you.

Over charging

We charge correctly and fairly for our work. We always charge according to our quoted rates. Because we believe in giving a value for money service, as we rely on the recommendations of satisfied customers.

Our policy on overcharging is unequivocal, and we do not tolerate it. In the unlikely event that any of our engineers ever deliberately disregard this policy then they will be dismissed.

We will always take responsibility for our charges and if you think that you have been overcharged, please call our 24 hour manned office. We will resolve your issue, verifying times charged for, and material costs. If found that you were overcharged then a refund will be made accordingly.


KMG Engineers will:

  1. Not overcharge customers under any circumstances.
  2. Not carry out any unnecessary work.
  3. Not talk customers into any work that is not needed.
  4. Not charge for any wasted or unnecessary time when undertaking your work.
  5. Not charge for two tradesmen on two-handed work unless necessary – an apprentice will be used wherever possible.
  6. Not charge for excessive time spent collecting materials. Collection times over 60 minutes must be agreed with the customer.
  7. Not charge an excessive trade markup on materials – a maximum of up to 25% is company policy.
  8. Not charge for unnecessary time spent away from the job, and always keep customer informed when leaving the job.
  9. Not charge for tea and lunch breaks.
  10. Not charge for non-work related phone calls, or engage in them during working time.
  11. Make sure that we only charge for time spent at a job and the number of hours worked.
  12. Make sure that any estimated work that is costed at our day rate of 10 hours.
  13. Make sure that we work a full 10 hour day when on a day rate.
  14. Make sure that the cost of any fixed price work is within 10% of that which the job would have cost at our hourly rates.
  15. Make sure we present an invoice showing a comprehensive description of work, with a full breakdown of labour & materials.