The most well-known and, in our opinion, the best smart thermostat is Nest. It’s sleek aesthetic, excellent features and ease of use are the primary make the Nest our preferred choice and the unit we are most likely to recommend to our customers.

Nest Thermostat

Why is Nest the best smart thermostat?:

Easy to use
Relative affordability
Innovative ability to self-program
This smart device can actually learn and remember, when you want your home temperature raised and lowered, and then takes over the job.

Moreover, it’s compatible with all sorts of other apps and systems used in your home, for exampleBig Ass Fans, August Locks, and even Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Unfortunately, however, Nest cannot work withApple Home Kit.

The second generation of the Nest Learning Thermostat will cost you £249, including professional installation. (£179 without installation).


Auto-schedule and auto-away functionality, as well as True Radiant
Learns how your home heats and cools so it can be at the right temperature at the right time
Access through your corresponding app to change schedule.
Attractive, minimalist design that coordinates with any home’s decor
The whole set-up is easy to use.
The biggest weakness of Nest Thermostat is that,as it has no external sensors, it’s hard to keep temperatures steady, if your home heats and cools unevenly in different rooms.

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